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Here are few wonderful and amazing facts that you might not have known earlier. Take a read, and enjoy, and beware that there will many more like this here.

Human eye is such a complex machine, that we bluntly ignore and don’t appreciate. If the human eye would be a digital camera it would be one with 575 megapixels.

A normal human being is expected to generate 25,000 quarts of Saliva which if contained in a swimming pool would will two large ones.

Eiffel tower in Paris was actually built for a one-time occasion, and was to be dismantled post it.

In an average a person walks 3.7 miles to fetch water in some of the African and Asian countries.

On an average, 6 litres of clean water goes down the drain when a toilet is flushed. Not a big deal considering the fact that only 1% of the water in the planet is drinkable. And would you believe that your bone is 31% water.

How many we know that Titanic took 2 hour and 45 minutes to sink following its brush with an iceberg.

Make as many friends as possible, it has been found that people with many friends outlive the ones that remain without one by 3.7 years.

Largest gold in the world weighs just 250 KG. Does this fact make you feel happy?

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