Not everyone has seen ghosts, but there are several who have claimed to, and been open in narrating their experience. On the similar lines here is compilation of “Most haunted places in India – a tiny list” for your viewing pleasure! It is left to ones’ own discretion to trust or not to.

Many have seen a lady dressed in white roaming around in the Ashok Vihar flyover in Mumbai. If unfortunately they stop over to ask directions from the lady, they will end up going in circles until the day, or worst, they might even get lost.

Delhi Cantt is one more area where the ghost sightings have been reported. There are claims that a lady’s ghost runs with the car, and knocks on the door in whatever speed the car is in.

Out of all the haunted places in India, Bhanghar fort is on the top. This is fort in Jaipur where people have reported unusual activity after the Sun set. People have got lost, and they have been never found, not even their body. The haunting is so authentic that the archaeological survey of India has explicitly erected a warning asking people not to stay back around that area after the Sunset.

Dow hills school in Keorsang in West Bengal is said to be haunted with the corridors, and pathways in the building beaming with supernatural activity.

If historical ghosts have to be taken into account this old mosque from yester years stand out. It is called Jamali Kamali after two saints who were murdered there. It is said to be now full of Jinns/ghosts.

Sanjay Van is banyan grove where people have reported to have seen a lady dressed in white appearing and disappearing frequently.

Lothian cemetery in New Delhi has a headless man, and a kid ghosts haunting it. It is said the headless ghost belongs to a man who shot himself in the head after being rejected by his girlfriend during the Raj era.

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