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Xbox 360 red ring of death is alarming when it happens for someone in love with it. However, by checking out few things before approaching the technician would certainly save you some bucks. Here are few steps to confirm if the red ring of death has toasted your Xbox 360.

xbox 360 red ring of death fix without opening
1. Check all the cables. Unplug each one of them, and insert them back. Follow it up with a reboot. If you are lucky the Xbox red light should be gone.

2.Switch the Xbox 360 off and let it rest in peace for sometime. It has been reported that Xbox 360 behaves odd under prolonged use. Keep your fingers crossed and bring the box up, Xbox 360 ring of death might be fixed. Starting then, to prevent occurrence keep the unit well aerated.

3.Next thing to do is to check the power supply. Note that red or orange lights indicate issue with the power supply, not with the Xbox unit.

Do you see xbox 360 red ring 3 lights? Then, prepare to open the unit to proceed.

4. Not lucky yet? Ok, next switch the Xbox 360 without it’s hard disk. Power off, fix the hard drive, and power on once again. The Ring of death might be no more.

5. You must prepare yourself for the worst! One last thing to do is to remove the Memory Unit and turn the unit on. Check if there are no errors, and then turn the console off. Replace the Memory Unit back and power on the console. Is the XBox 360 ring of death gone?

If the answer is yes, you got lucky. Happy gaming!

If no, get in touch with the technician. We are sorry, we couldn’t help you with the Xbox 360 Ring of Death!!

All the best, 🙂 Take a break, and watch Lord of the rings!

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